Thursday, August 31, 2017

Day 67. What's next.

So this is what it feels like to be finished the ride. 
It's hard to hide the emotions. I don't think we should try and hide them. I think we should own them. God's plan for us is more than we can ask or imagine. One way I see this is by comparing the two seatosea rides I did. In 2013 I believe God used me to help others in there struggles by being a sounding board and a friend. I didn't see it back then as much as I see it now. We seem to think we're writing our own stories but it's God who writes our story. The sooner we realize it the better off we are. The more we will see Him at work in our lives. 
This time around 2017 with thanks to my wife I feel like I've been more intentional about making and nurturing relationships. At first I thought I would do all the giving but I now realize I have received far more then I have given. 
Coming into the ride you always have concerns and a preconceived notion of how things are going to go. I thought I had it all planned out. I forgot that God had it all planned out and I was just along for the ride. I rekindled some old relationships that felt just as comfortable as when I last enjoyed them. Made some new friends too.  God put all of them in my path. Harold the rock. Ian the brother I never knew I had. And Reuben the spark plug baby brother. Ian and I had never ridden  together before this ride but soon on found each other and joked our way to Winnipeg. He was patient with me as I rode myself into shape. He slowed down and I sped up. Reuben and I also never rode together. Paul and Rueben rode with us for a while into Calgary. I think it was Paul's plan but if not definently the Lords plan. After the weekend in Calgary Paul left for home and we left last like usual. About 40 km into the ride we came upon a cold wet Reuben fixing his tire in the rain telling people he was ok. That little voice said your stopping. So we stopped and fixed his tire. From that point on we were riding buddies. 
Harold had to leave to take care of a congregation morning the death of a young mother. I believe God even prepared him for that through the different conversations that he had with different folks the day before he left.   
I see Gods hand through so many things as I look back on the ride. Conversations I had with lots of people helped me work through some things I'm dealing with. I'm hoping that I may have helped others as well. Was it all perfect and roses. No like usual I made mistakes and I said things I shouldn't have. But isn't that normal. Don't we all fall short. I think this happens when we get out of step with the spirit. The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control. I like to call a lot of these characteristics my virtual elbow. If I feel the virtual elbow just before I say something I'm probably not displaying the spirits fruit. 
So what now. I guess we just keep following the spirits leading and continue to do what the Lord leads us to. 
It would be nice to know exactly what it is but we trust whatever it is Gods plan for us is more than we could ask or imagine. So that's pretty cool. 

This how we should be looking when we're looking to the future God has in store for us. Len. 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Day 66. Halifax Peggy's cove.

After the rush of the final day Reuben and his family along with Ian Christine and my family went to a resterant to have a last supper. 
Reuben was back at his dad duties. 

I was happy to help. 

We went and stayed at a campground last night. It was strange not to be surrounded by tents. I woke up this morning and peaked out the RV expecting to see a lineup for breakfast. There was no one there. A strange feeling. I couldn't sleep too long so I read for a while. We went to cora's for breakfast. It was yum. Headed to Halifax harbour to pier 21. We found Carrie's dads name in a ship manifest from the Grootebear. 

We couldn't find her mom or our parents because I think they came into Quebec     We walked along the boardwalk and ran into about 10 cyclists from seatosea. Said goodbye a few more times. 

I texted Reuben this pick to find out if a bakery stop was in order. 

A gray day kinda says the tone of the day. Missing my seatosea family. Feeling a little guilty for not wanting it to end. 

Off we went to Peggy's cove  

Got some cool pics. But there's no one to air drop them to. 

I have to get used to not taking the from my bike seat. 

Nice colours in this town. Nothing like water and boats. 

Here's the famous lighthouse. 

Look who shows up. Finally someone to airdrop to. 

Enjoying the sights. 

The four of us. 

We did some climbing today. But not on our bikes. 

Another pic on the way out. 

Stopped at the plane crash memorial. 

We ended the day with a lobster dinner. Yumm. 
We rode a few hours and are parked at Walmart in Amherst NS. I still can't believe we made it accross the country on a bike. Riding in the RV seems to take forever. The whole thing seems a little overwhelming. I guess that's why when I was riding I only thought of making it to he next rest stop.  That was  usually about 25 km away. It's a doable distance. It's the old saying one step at a time. Or in this case one pedal stroke at a time. Thanks again for all the words of encouragement and positive comments. It means a lot to me that so many people care about and are praying for us. It's been a great and rewarding journey. The friends and support made the whole experience worth it. Len.  

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Day 65. Last day Halifax.

Last day. Got up. Had our final breakfast. 
Our final prayer. It was lead by Ed the tour manager. The kitchen truck was emptied. Reuben , Ian and I finally headed out last from the church 

We rode through Truro. 

Past a few barns. 

Enjoying the sun coming up because it was 5 degrees. 

We stopped for a coffee more to warm us and our hands up. 

Not a break neck pace today. Just enjoying the ride. 
Lots of farm country. We got to the first rest stop but it was gone. 
Crossed a lot of bridges with trains and streams. 
We stopped at a crc church and they served us lunch. 

Thanks to the ladies at the church for some great soups on a cold morning. 

Today was very hilly. 

The trucks attempting a pass. 

Full rest stop. We were much closer together today   

Passed a cool train. 

Too bad it was closed. 

More streams to go over. 

Passed a couple of girls returning from there ride. 

We staged at a general store 7 km from the end so we could ride together. 

We rode the last few km to the final stageing area along the coast. 

Got some last riding shots in. 

We gathered together to ride the last 3 km in a full peleton. 

We were at the back. It's a cool sight to see all the riders together. 
The three amigos together for the last km 
Got in a circle to pray together. 
Reuben's family was at the finish to meet him. A great moment. 

Lots of family there to greet us. 
We lined up for a tire dipping. 

The three of us at the finish line. 
I am thankfull for all the support that I've beeen given and it's going to be tough to get back to a new normal. So I'll leave you with one last picture. 

Tommorow I will post another blog with more pics. For now good night and I'm not setting the alarm clock. Len. 

Monday, August 28, 2017

Day 64. Charlottetown to Truro NS

Well Sunday afternoon we explored the town. 
But before that we had lunch at the church. 

We stopped at Timothy's and davids tea house. Then it started hoseing. 

Did some sightseeing 

Went to the waterfront. 

We had an early fish and chip feast. 

Evan and meg  joined us Saturday and we're loving having them here. 

Walking  is different then biking. You need to stretch out. 

This morning was a cold start. Most people bundled up for the first part of the ride. 

Past through the city. 

We passed  a whole bunch of awsome people today. Loving the relaxed pace of the ride. 

Looking towards the downtown. 

The people make the ride great. 

Carries rest stop at a potato farm. 

The bunch of us bought pei jerseys so we figured a picture in front of a potato stand would be a great thing. 

Even our shadows are awsome. 

Team pei. 

You can't leave the island without a red soil pic. 

Ian mister selfy pano 

We had to stop and get a picture of this fishing boat.  

Stageing for the ferry. 

Here's a pic  of the riders. Can you find waldo ( Len )

Loving the ferry ride. 

We ate on the ferry. Mind you we'll eat everywhere. Or anywhere. 

We're going to miss Bridget. 
In the bowels of the ship. 
Exiting the ship. 
Looking back at the ferry. 

The Nova Scotia sign. 
Rest stop number 3. 

Ashley on the red road. 

Dinner tonight. 

The group of us in a circle. We deffinently are a team, family and group of amazing  volunteers and riders. 
Ready for the last day. Len